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I plant on V type ball valve after sale service description

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The purpose of our company: quality first, the user is supreme. The company set up specialized agencies after sale service, if you are on my company's V type ball valve quality put forward what problems, we will strain every nerve to serve you. Ensure that you are satisfied with. Welcome new and old customers to use our products.

One, service commitment:

1 prior to the client storage, maintenance, under normal use, because of quality problems of V type ball valve and can not be normal use, providing three package (warranty, Baotui, Bao Huan) service.

2 after receiving quality information feedback, will put forward opinions within 24 hours, and be arrived on the scene within 100 hours to deal with problems, to normal operation, the causes of re analysis, a clear responsibility.

3 for the V type ball valve factory to provide the necessary technical documentation and product qualification certificate.

4 according to the customer demand or agreement to provide timely and spare parts, spare parts and installation, commissioning, maintenance and customer service related personnel to carry out technical training.

5 large projects, the tender documents in accordance with the requirements of organizing production, testing, inspection, and in line with the customer site acceptance.

6 strictly in accordance with the IS09001 standard of raw materials, spare parts procurement and production, inspection.

Two, the service description:

Customers in the process of using V type ball valve, such as the discovery of products can not be normal use, can immediately to the after-sales service department consultation, and will be used in the product models, specifications, the use of the environment, the fault, the date of purchase and the service requirements in detail. Suggestions of handling the after-sales service department, still can not be solved, and then decided to send people or other treatment, until the problem is solved.

The above information by Yongjia county new natural valve Co. Ltd. the original starter! For reprint please indicate the source, such as on the V type ball valve and other aspects of the problem clearly, please call our sales staff, or directly to visit our factory, we will try our best to provide you with quality service, Tel: 15158748774.

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